How to use my discount/free code?

Thanks to your volunteering, you get a discount/free code to register for the Spartan Race of your choice!


The free code you receive is valid:

  • On races in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France (except European Championships)
  • For Sprint or Super or Beast distances, depending on the time you have given us 
  • Within 12 months from the day of your volunteering, including the event for which you volunteered
  • In the Open category (your race can then be transferred to the Age Group or Elite categories via your Spartan account) see below for the procedure
  • The free code is only valid for a future race. You cannot run on the same day as your volunteer day
  • The free codes will be sent by email but remember to punch out at the end of the day
  • The free codes are not nominative, they can be exchanged and given.
  • The purchase/sale of the free code is forbidden. If we take note of it, the code will be blocked and the registration will be cancelled (also for the buyer).
  • It is possible that friends or family members volunteer and another person receives a free code for the same day. This must then be agreed upon individually with the volunteer coordinator. Email us at
  • Any registration for a race that is done does not give the right to a refund, no volunteer code can be used afterwards.
  • The distribution in the race starting waves depends on the available places for the volunteer registrations.
  • The rules for registration and the rules of the race with voluntary code/coupon are the same as for a classic registration.



Once you have your code, simply go HERE and make a classic registration.

You will find an insert "promo code". You enter your voluntary code, click on "added" and the discount is applied.

You will then receive your registration confirmation, you can immediately collect your number. Remember to have with you also : 

  • Valid identity document
  • Copy of sports license OR medical certificate. More information HERE.


Once you have registered for OPEN, you must go to your Spartan account, click on the three dots, then select "upgrade" or "surclassement".



You follow the procedure and then pay about twenty euros.

After registering with the code, you can only postpone the trip via voluntary e-mail. Since Spartan does not receive any payment from you, it is not possible to carry over the amount you have paid. 

All questions or requests regarding the Voluntary codes should be addressed to


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