15:30 Opening of pre-registration for Sprint and Super race bibs


06:45-18:30 Spartan Festival

06:45-18:30 Merchandising + Partner Village

06:45-12:00 Bib number pick-up (SUPER ONLY)

06:45-18:00 Bag check

08:30 Kids bib pick-up

09:00 Start Super Competitive Wave COMPETITIVE FAQ HERE

09:30 Spartan Super Open (every 15 minutes)

13:00 Start of Hurricane Heat

13:30 First Spartan Kids start

13:00-17:00 Bib number pick-up (Sprint ONLY)

18:30 Podium and Super Competitive awards

20:00 Spartan Evening


07:00-18:30 Spartan Festival

07:00-18:30 Merchandising + Partner Village

07:00-18:00 Bag check

07:00-12:00 Bib number pick-up (SPRINT ONLY)

09:00 Start Competitive Sprint Wave COMPETITIVE FAQ HERE

09:30 Spartan Sprint Open (every 15 min)

13:00 Podium and awards Sprint Competitive Winter Champion

18:00 Spartan Village closes


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