2024 Spartan Ultra World Championship - Morzine, France

The information included below is subject to change and the Official Athlete Guide that is sent to racers ~10 days prior to the event will be considered the official guide. 


The 2024 Spartan Ultra World Championship will be held in Morzine, France at Place de l’Office de Tourisme, 74110 Morzine.

Registration and Qualification

For 2024 we have simplified the qualification process for the Ultra World Championship:

  • For the Pro Championship heat*, racers must have finished in the Top 20 (Elite category in 2023 or Competitive category in 2024) at a Spartan Ultra event.
  • For Age Group Championship categories, there is no qualification needed but a limit of 500 slots are available. 
  • A priority invitation has been sent to all Ultra 2023 finishers and World’s Toughest Mudder finishers (7 laps/35 mile minimum) so they can secure their spots in the Pro Championship and Age Group Championship heats for the UWC 2024. Other athletes are free to register in the remaining slots.

*For Pro Championship heats, athletes can register without needing a qualification code to access this category. However, a control of the list of qualified athletes will be done prior to the event and all NON qualified athletes will be moved to the Age Group Championship heats.  

Event Schedule (CET Standard Time)


-13:30-19:30: Registrations opening

-18:00: Opening Ceremony

-18:30: Athlete briefing (Ultra World Championship)
The briefing is mandatory to attend for all championship athletes.

-19:00-20:00 : Parade of Nations


-7:00: Ultra WC Pro Championship Heat Men start

-7:05: Ultra WC Pro Championship Heat Women start

-7:10-7:40: Ultra WC Age Group Heat start. Exact AG start times will be communicated prior to the event.

-7:45-8:00: Ultra Open start

-14:00 (approx. time): Flower Ceremony at the finish line. Expected first UWC finisher.

-14:30 Registration opens (Beast, Trifecta weekend) 


-8:00: Beast Competitive heats. Exact AG start times will be communicated prior to the event.

-9:00-12:30: Beast Open racers

-13:30 - 17:00 Spartan Kids Competitive & Open

-18:30: Ultra World Championship Award Ceremony Pro Championship & Age Group Championship 

-19:00: Award Ceremony Beast Competitive heats 

-20:00: Concert pre/post ceremony


-8:00: Super France National Series Pro Championship Men start

-8:05: Super France National Series Pro Championship Women start

-8:10: Super France National Series Age Group Championship start. Exact AG start times will be communicated prior to the event.

-9:00-12:30: Super Open racers

-12:00 Award Ceremony France National Series Super 

-14:00-16:00: Sprint Open start times

Parking and Transportation

Parking will be onsite, a short walk from registration and festival grounds.

Course Details & Cut Off 

As we are currently working out the course designs and details, all this information will be revealed on our Spartan Race France social media and will be included in the Ultra Athlete Guide.

Official Finisher Status

An Ultra Competitor must complete the entire race (approx. 50+ km, 60+ obstacles, and/or all associated penalties) and pass all the cut off times to be considered an official finisher. 

Obstacles & Penalties

Unless otherwise stated in this document, all Competitors must properly attempt every obstacle according to Spartan Obstacle-Specific Rules available HERE. There are three categories of obstacles on the Spartan Ultra World Championship Course:

Mandatory Obstacles Penalty Loop Obstacles Burpee Penalty Obstacles
If a Competitor cannot complete a mandatory obstacle, they will be disqualified and their timing chip will be removed. Upon failure, Competitor must complete the marked penalty loop. Failure to complete the penalty loop will result in disqualification or an additional penalty at the discretion of Race Management. Upon failure, Competitor must complete the penalty of 30 burpees. Failure to complete the 30 burpees will result in a disqualification.

Prize Money

Prize money for the Pro Championship category will be announced shortly in our social media, stay tuned for more information. 

There will be no cash prize for the Age Group championship category, however, the Top 3 male and female of each Age Group category will be rewarded with a special award.

Ultra Race Finisher Awards
Every Ultra finisher will receive: 

  • A unique World Championship Ultra finisher medal 
  • A unique World Championship Ultra finisher tee
  • An Ultra Pinny
  • A World Championship transition bag 

Ultra Mandatory Gear 

Unless otherwise noted, all items on this list must be carried by all Ultra racers at all times while on the course. There will be a check prior to the start line. If any of the items listed below are missing, you will not be allowed to start the race.

Random gear checks will happen during the event. If you do not have an item on this list during gear check, you will be disqualified. However, you can refill any of the items at the transition area. 

  • 1 backpack, running vest, or other device capable of carrying all mandatory equipment
Medical & Safety
  • 1 flashlight or headlamp (waterproof recommended) with backup batteries
  • 1 red flashing light, to be attached at the back of your backpack/vest
  • 1 survival/emergency blanket or bivvy
  • 1 emergency whistle
Hydration & Nutrition
  • Hydration system — the capability to carry a minimum of 1L of water in any type of container. 

Prohibited Items

All prohibited items are outlined in the Spartan Official Rulebook available here. In addition, no open flames or stoves (e.g. jetboil) are allowed in the Transition Area or Festival, or on course.

Transition Area

The Transition Area (TA) is a covered space provided for Ultra Competitors to refuel, rehydrate, change, rest, relax, and store additional gear during the race. Each competitor will have a space capacity of a 20L bag (bigger bags won’t be accepted) for their personal equipment.

The Transition Area opens Friday, at:
6:00-6:45: Ultra Elite and Age Group drop off
6:45-8:00 Ultra Open drop off

The following items are provided in the Transition Area:

  • Cold water for drinking
  • Food such as fruits, cakes, salty food, drinks…
  • Garbage bins
  • Toilets

Note: there will be no power outlets or heat source available to participants.

Spectators and family are not allowed in the Transition Area.

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