What you need to know about running Elite/Competitive

So you decided to run with the best of the best, and join the Elite Heat or just run competitively to push yourself in the competitive division:

We're excited to see you stepping up your Spartan game, however there are some things you need to know: 

  1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Elite qualification system is NOT applied for French events, the process will be implementing for 2021.

  2. You MUST arrive on time for your heat. If you show up late you will be disqualified from the heat. 

  3. You also agree to get no outside help on obstacles, providing aid such as food or drink, or medical help outside of getting medical advice. If you do you will DQ'ed from the event however you will be allowed to finish the event (if you are medically cleared) and get your medal and shirt. 

  4. You will be filmed at multiple obstacles for review for proper burpee completion. 

  5. You have until the end of the race day to review the film.

  6. If you do not complete 30 proper burpees (as described at the start of the heat) you will be penalized 30 seconds per missed/incorrect burpee, up to 10, for a total of a 5 minute penalty.

  7. If you have more than 10 missed/incorrect burpees you will be disqualified

  8. All timing concerns for the podium must be disputed no more than 15 minutes prior to the award ceremony. 

  9. It is up to you to count the burpees, it is not the job of the marshalls. 

Please Note: If you are disqualified, for any reason, you will not get a finish time and will not be able to be moved to the open heat. No refunds or credits to a future event will be given. Disqualified races will not count toward your trifecta, or point series ranking.


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