What is a Spartan Race volunteer day?

What does a Spartan Race volunteer's day consist of?

After you have registered, you will receive more precise information from the volunteer managers, this from D-30 (remember to check your spam!)

Don't forget to inform the volunteers' manager if you can't make it, it can happen, there is no problem 


On event days the appointment is at 6:45 am (except for certain events where you will have to be present earlier, this will be specified to you)

After having collected your endowment as well as your breakfast, you will be allocated according to the choice of your mission and will be supervised and briefed by your manager.
Departure for the day with your manager and the rest of the team of volunteers.

At the end of the day and only once after validation with your manager, you can return to the voluntary area to contact the volunteer manager (MANDATORY)


What my day include : 

- A free code for an upcoming race. More detail per event HERE

- A breakfast. A lunch box  

- Volunteer T-shirt and cap

- Access to the volunteer rewards program, more information HERE

- A free deposit on the day you volunteer.

- Free access to the parking lot if available and unless otherwise stated.

The memory of a great day, your experience within the Spartan community to share!

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