What does the Voluntary Rewards program include?

Spartan has set up a program to retain volunteers


"This program is in addition to the endowment and free code you receive per day of volunteering"


You are present ONE full day on a race day (Saturday and/or Sunday depending on the weekend), so you start to accumulate days.

From TWO completed days you can start receiving your prize on the spot.



Two days: 1 Flask + 1 pair of glasses

Three days: 1 pair of gloves + 1 pair of socks + 1 hat

Four days: 1 Bag + 1 Buff

Five days: 1 Hoodie


For example: 

I volunteer in Morzine on Saturday and Sunday, so I can already receive my Day 2 pack on Sunday evening. Then in Estérel I do the Sunday, so I would have 3 full days, so I can receive the Day 3 pack and so on...


ATTENTION: This works only for the current calendar year. On January 1st, the program starts again at 0.


You must also use the same email address when you register on recrewteer!


Don't hesitate to contact the people in charge to be sure to receive your rewards on a specific event if you already know your availabilities as a volunteer :)

Provided, of course, that you do your volunteer day entirely!

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