How do I get my discount/free code?

To thank you for your help, you will receive a free code as a volunteer.


This code is only given on the spot! No code is sent in advance by email.

The following freebie codes are available for:

FULL RUN DAY = Volunteer is on assignment from 6:45am-7pm (with exceptions in Morzine in July see HERE).
-RACE DAY/DAILY = All volunteer time before and after race day


See HERE for awards given during the current event weekend

Here is the complete program: 


RACE DAY (Full day) = Super (also valid on Sprint)

RACE DAY (Half day) = Sprint

NIGHT RACE = Super (also valid on Sprint)

BEFORE/AFTER RACE (Full day) = Sprint


Conversion of codes :

2 Super = BEAST

3 Super = ULTRA

2 Sprint = SUPER

All codes are valid for the given format + the lower format(s), i.e. a Beast code will also be valid on Super and Sprint.



To find out how to USE your code, go HERE





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