Transfer Options For 2020 Cancelled Races

My race was cancelled in 2020 - what happens with my registration?
From 28.10.2020 - 5pm - on, all transfer options for 2020 Races will be closed in Maxfun.

All participants who booked a race in 2020 and not decided already a transfer option for that race will get an email from Spartan on latest 10 of November. Please check your emails during this weekend.

With this email, you will get a code for your race to register in 2021 in the same country.

  • The code can be used for the same format of your cancelled race or a lower one.
  • The Codes can be used ones a time.

For those who booked more than one race in 2020.

The codes will be sent out by Event:

  • If you booked a Trifecta in Event A, you will get one email from Event A with all codes of this event.
  • If you booked races in different Events like A, B, C, you will get one email with all your races in Event A, one email with all races in Event B and one email with all races in Event C.


You will find more detailed information about your personal code in the email the codes will be sent with. (The above codes will also be available for 2022)


I cancelled my race in 2020 but did not use the code - what can I do?

If you already got a deferral code from a cancelled event in 2020 and you did not use it in 2020 you will also get an email with a new code for 2021. The 2020 deferral codes will be expired. This email will be sent out until 10 of November 2020.


For all who want to transfer their races to Tenerife European Championships in 2020, please contact us via email and the customer service team of your country will be happy to help you.

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