2024 Spartan Ultra World Championship

How do I qualify for the UWC?

There is not a proper qualification system for the UWC 2024 but 500 slots are available for Elite + Age Group categories. An invitation will be sent in priority to all Ultra 2023 finishers and Tough Mudder WC finishers (7 laps minimum) so they can secure their slot for the UWC 2024, your slot is reserved for 30 days after receiving your invitation. Other athletes will be able to register if remaining slots are available.


Prize Money?

A total Prize Money of USD 15,000 will be distributed equally to 5 first men and women.
1st Man / Woman = USD 3,000
2nd Man / Woman = USD 2,000
3rd Man / Woman = USD 1,250
4th Man / Woman = USD 750
5th Man / Woman = USD 500


Rules and Regulations

*It is a race of 2 Beast loops + 1 extra Ultra loop.
*A mandatory list of materials will be shared with the athletes prior to the event and will have to be carried out for all the race.
*In case of obstacle failure, penalty will be a penalty loop for all racers.

What is the event schedule?

Ultra WC race will happen on Friday July 5th but your presence is absolutely required for the Race Briefing and Parade of Nations of Thursday July 4th at 5:00pm.


Is the Ultra Athletes Briefing mandatory to attend?

Yes the Ultra athletes briefing is mandatory to attend, this is for your safety and to avoid any misunderstanding on rules and regulations. It will happen on Thursday July 4th at 5:00 pm.


Is there an Elite Qualification System?

Only the best athletes who already participated into Elites and get well ranked results will be admitted to run into the Elite heat. It is on the organizer discretion to accept or refuse a participant for this category.


How do I register?

With your invitation you will receive a code to register, this code is valid for 30 days in order to secure your spot for the Age Group category. Any athlete who does not use his code will not be consider as priority and can potentially be re oriented to the Open category if not enough slots are available anymore.


Is there Prize Money for Age Group Racers?

There will be non-cash prize money for the Age Group category. Top 3 male and female of each Age Group category will be rewarded with a special awards.



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