Spartan Race Morzine 2021

Last update: 03.05.2021
Event date: 20-22 August 2021
Note: event was postponed from July 2021


For everyone's safety and to limit gatherings in the areas we must change the Kids' schedule.
All KIDS races will take place on SATURDAY 21 - from 1:00 PM (no morning / Sunday race).
The course will also be modified and good news the Kids will follow in the footsteps of the BIG with a start and finish on the same course as the SPRINT usually reserved for adults!

Your registration is automatically postponed to Saturday August 21 and you will be able to view it on your Maxfun account from June 29, 2021.Are you not available on Saturday? Contact us on we will send you a free report code for the Kids race of your choice in 2021 or Morzine 2022.

The reductions in the weekly gauges - set today at 2,500 participants / day, added to the additional human resources to be deployed to respect and apply the protocols, force us to reduce the number of competition days to 2 instead of 3.
Also the ULTRA race in which you are registered will take place on SATURDAY 21.
Your registration is automatically postponed and your start time remains the same, you don't have to do anything - just keep training .. with one more day to optimize your preparation!
You are not available on SATURDAY AUGUST 21?
Reach us on, we will offer you other postponement options among:
- Deferral on ULTRA MORZINE 2022
- Conversion of your ULTRA race into two races of your choice in Morzine 2021 (Sprint - Super - Beast)
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OPTION 1: You are available for the new date in August? Nothing to do from your side!

The transfer is automatic and you can check your registration in your Maxfun account. Your start time stay the same!

OPTION 2: You are not available for the new date in August? Transfer for free your race to another 2021 French event (same format and category - Andorra include) or to Morzine 2022.

  • (AVAILABLE FROM MAY 7, at 6:30pm to JUNE, 20 2021)
  • Login to your Maxfun account
  • Click on « Deferral » in the dropdown menu of Morzine race.
  • Select the race of your choice and confirm
  • Find your free code in the « Coupon & Voucher” tab of your account
  • Sign up for the race of your choice by using your free code. The amount of your race have to be 0 euros.

Code available only for you, in France only, same format and category, available until December, 31, 2021


From June 30, there is no longer any gauge limit for our events. (As a reminder, the protocol was initially set on a maximum level of 2,500 participants from June 30).
On the other hand, this liberalization of the gauges now implies the requirement to present a health pass for all participants, this from 1000 participants simultaneously.

Applicable Covid-19 Measures:

  • Applicable Covid-19 measures can be updated any time following general regulations provided by authorities. All participants will be informed about that prior to the event and on a regular basis. 
  • Social distancing will be required on the entire festival area, racecourse and all other event areas. 
  • Wearing a mask will be required on the festival area and all other event areas. Wearing a mask will not be mandatory on the racecourse. Wearing a mask might be mandatory also for parts of the racecourse (e.g. Start area, Afterfinish or some sections of the course / some obstacle areas). Currently, we cannot make any statements about the wearing of masks at the event. 
  • COMPULSORY presentation of the Health Pass (via the TousAntiCovid application) so :

    - A negative PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours or
    - An up-to-date vaccination certificate (second dose over 15 days) or
    - The result of a positive test of more than 2 weeks and less than 6 months, proof of an old infection

  • Luggage storage, changing rooms and showers will not be available, only SMALL OBJECTS Luggage storage will be available (for car keys,ID and phone only).
  • Aid-Station: Adaptation of self-service supplies and individual portions, obligation to have your own container for liquids (retractable cup, camel bag, gourds ...)



  • You were registered for this event and it's finally postponed or cancelled? Don't worry! Your registration can be deferred for free in another 2021 event or Morzine 2022!
  • Discover our 2021 Deferral Rules 


  •  If you are a local customer who has to travel within the COUNTRY to reach the location or a foreigner who wants to travel to FRANCE to race with us, check HERE what are the measures applied in FRANCE to travel in safe. 
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