New 2023 volunteer codes!

According to the voluntary code merger program, if you want to run a Beast you have to accumulate two 100% Super coupons.

In 2023, Spartan France offers you the possibility to receive a Super Open coupon not as 100% but as a credit equal to the price of the Super race on the day, carefully read the information below to know the conditions:

Events concerned: Morzine and Estérel

Validity: Only on the same weekend (Saturday I race, Sunday I volunteer)

Amount of the coupon: It will depend on the price of the SUPER OPEN on the Saturday of the race. There will be only to add the difference of price. It will be valid for BEAST all categories.

Concretely: I go to the Volunteer Space on Saturday morning with a deposit (check or cash), a medical certificate and my phone to register.

I receive a coupon of X € valid on the Beast format, I just have to register and do my race. The next day, Sunday, I do my full day of volunteering and in the evening, I get my deposit back.

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